See the technological advances though a HD quality TV.  From 32'' to 60" TV'. When it comes to TV's, size matter. The bigger the better. Go big, with affordable prices on all brands we carry. 

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40’’ Samsung Led Smart Tv Series

The built-in Wi-Fi will enhance your family's TV viewing experience by effortlessly connecting with ..

TT$4,899 TT$3,936 Ex Tax: TT$3,499

40" Hisense Smart Tv

40" LCD panel With a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution True 16:9 aspect ratio See a clear pict..

TT$3,100 Ex Tax: TT$2,756

Maxsonic Elite 43" Smart Tv (Inclusive Of Wallmount And 2 Remotes)

Maxsonic Elite 43" Smart Tv (Inclusive Of Wallmount And 2 Remotes) ..

TT$4,600 TT$4,399 Ex Tax: TT$3,910

Panasonic 40" Led Smart Tv

Picture Quality Display Panel LED LCD 4K PRO — C..

TT$5,200 TT$4,899 Ex Tax: TT$4,355

Television 75" Hisense Smart Tv

Television 75" Hisense Smart Tv ..

TT$16,000 TT$12,499 Ex Tax: TT$11,110

Television- Maxsonic Elite 32" Smart Tv

Television-  Maxsonic Elite 32" Smart Tv ..

TT$2,900 TT$2,300 Ex Tax: TT$2,044

Television- Magnum 32 " Non-Smart

Television- Magnum 32 " Non-Smart ..

TT$1,700 TT$1,399 Ex Tax: TT$1,244

Television- Maxsonic 32" Smart

Television- Maxsonic 32" Smart ..

TT$2,500 TT$2,199 Ex Tax: TT$1,955

Television- Maxsonic 43" Smart

Television- Maxsonic 43" Smart ..

TT$4,500 TT$3,899 Ex Tax: TT$3,466

Television- Maxsonic 50" Smart

Television- Maxsonic 50" Smart ..

TT$5,400 TT$4,799 Ex Tax: TT$4,266

Television- Maxsonic 55 " Smart

Television- Maxsonic 55 " Smart ..

TT$5,900 TT$5,599 Ex Tax: TT$4,977

Television/ Magnum 32" Smart

Magnum 32 Inch Flat Screen Television Fhd Wi-Fi Enabled 2 Hdmi And 1 Usb Connection ..

TT$2,900 TT$2,399 Ex Tax: TT$2,132

Tv Magnum 32" Uhd Smart Led

Smart TV LED Display USB Port 2 HDMI Port VGA Input Quad Core Digital process for pic..

TT$2,700 TT$2,299 Ex Tax: TT$2,044